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You have GOT to be kidding me. He didn’t just send me back to this place…did he? No way. No way no way no way—at least that Joker jerk is gone. Far as I can tell, anyway.

This is just…wrong on so many levels. He finally found me again and then he sent me off again…I’d been missing for like a month and he just sends me off again? Dad…

Not to mention, I still can’t believe that the Fentons really had a Danny…

[really really long voicepost]

[a quiet noise, as though someone is picking at something. It's dull, but it's definitely there, and sometimes interrupted by a short hiss before the picking returns.

Repeat for about an hour.]

Oh. Uhm.

I-is there a nurse around? Anywhere? A doctor? I...I'm going to need some help!


...come on! This is the ICU, where are all the doctors?!

Nov. 9th, 2008

If there's a doctor named Balthier, I need to talk with you about a couple of things.

Medical Report: Daniel Masters

The patient is currently stabilized and shows no signs of worsening. He is shown to have third-degree and second-degree burns along his arms and back. His scalp is slightly burned, but hair should begin to grow back soon. His back is severely burned and may need grafting if Daniel gives consent. He is not on any medication for the pain yet, but if any pain arises, he will be given the medication he requires within reason.

Whether or not this has caused mental trauma is as of now unknown and will be investigated at a further time, when Daniel is feeling rested and ready to talk.


[Lots of coughing, and his voice is extremely weak.]

H--help me!

Some--thing...! Something just blew up in my room-- [groan of pain]

Right under me! [more coughing]

Can't breathe--! Fire!

[a little bit of static and some extremely violent coughing]

Sep. 21st, 2008

So my therapist is that House guy...

and my new doctor is that 'youthful' dude in the green jumpsuit.

Oh, joy.

I still have no idea why Dad would send me here when he could've paid for a far better place.

Sep. 8th, 2008

Aw, man, past few days were really bad and annoying, but I'm feeling better now.

I don't think I ever mentioned it to most people, so I'm Danny Masters. I've only been here for a few days, so I'm pretty new and have had that Dani girl stuck tome like glue.


What do you guys do for fun around here anyway? Other than have 'group therapy,' I mean.

Aug. 20th, 2008


Your Name: Danny
Suicidal Ideation: 6/10
Homicidal Ideation: 0/10
Amount of Sleep Last Night: 8 hours
Any Lucid of Vivid Dreams? Explain.: nothing that I can remember...
Moods Experienced Today: just feeling like crap...
Mood Triggers: That little girl...whatever she's saying, she has to be lying. But something about what she said is making me feel really horrible.
Significant Thoughts of the Day: She's lying. She has to be lying. Whatever she's implying, Dad isn't that horrible.
Favorite Time of Day and Why: none
How You Are Enjoying Your Therapy: what therapy?
Noticeable Improvements: I don't need to make any!

Gonna be in my room alone. NO, I'm not going to any stupid therapy. Drag me out and make me.

My roommate better not bug me...

((OOC: Strikes viewable only to staff.))

Aug. 8th, 2008

Okay, because that girl brought it up.

How many of you remember me as Danny Fenton? According to her, Long hair, painted blood murals...?

I-I still don’t get why Dad sent me here. hedidn’tdumpmeherehedidn’tdumpmeherehedidn’tdumpmehere—he wouldn’t do that! I mean, just because I forgot something doesn’t mean anything…right? It was only a couple of hours, it’s not a big deal!

Did I do something wrong? I wish he could’ve at least told me what was going on—as his son, I should know! Right?

Well…uh. Since this is a mental hospital…can’t anyone tell me what I’m in here for? Why did Dad bring me here…?